Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Top Ten Things Learned on the Way to NOT Becoming the Biggest Loser

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10. When waiting outside in the rain and cold for upwards of 10+ hours, bring, at the minimum an umbrella (just because we do not use umbrellas in the Pacific Northwest does not mean that they do not exsist.)

9. Always make sure to capitalize on all possible money making possibilites (the guy in front of me and I schemed for hours on the best way to make money off of the 5000 people strong line, then he stole my idea left the line and made a costco run to bring back and sell muffins,coffee and waters...last time I saw him he was at least $250 richer.)

8. Be open to the possibility of making it all the way (I never believed in myself enough and that shows!)

7. Be willing to do ANYTHING and not worry about how you look, sound, or come off as (you say evil snarky bitch like it's a bad thing....)

6. Build alliances early, but never forget it is a game! (my alliance proved critical as her having stolen applications early in the day during a "bathroom run" was the only way I made it inside.

5. The cell phone is a marvelous invention....and I never would have survived without mine. Thanks to all of you who talked, texted and kept my energy up during the ENTIRE process!

4. When the producer asks you what you are good at....have an answer....and more than one thing. You gotta be all that plus the bag of chips and know how to use it baby!

3. When you do not get chosen, do not act like a beauty school dropout and go into a tailspin. You did not let anyone down but yourself, your friends, family, coworkers and etc love you for you...not the possiblity of seeing themselves on TV in a background clip

2. Remember the experience and put it away as a story to tell your grandchildren someday but live in the here and now.....build your weight loss "mafia" and learn from others who have been there, realize it is okay to ask for help and know every single day that you are worth it!

And David Letterman's Top Life Lesson Learned.......

1. NEVER, EVER be at the weight that qualifies you to try out for the Biggest Loser again (I do not care that the twins, Bill and Jim who went on to win both the $250,000 and $100,000 prize had to try out THREE times before making it) USE THIS AS A CATALYST FOR CHANGE!

Have I changed...am I still walking down a different street? YOU BET! I have listened more and shared less, I have journaled with a friend and as a closet eater this is huge for me, and most of all I am down 10 pounds since this whole journey started!

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  1. Loved the list, and congrats on the 10 pounds! May you be the biggest winner in life even though you will not be baring it all on TBL on TV.

  2. :) You will always be a superstar to us, whether the American TV audience ever knows you or not.