Thursday, August 5, 2010

Keep Going

This has ceased to be many more days can I come on here and talk the talk when I am not really walking the walk. I am "officially" struggling with food, every bite has become mental and physical warfare! Today I ate more food (company picnic) than I would normally eat in a week---and totally feel sick over it!

I know that I should adopt the NGAMO attitude, but I do feel guilt and lots of it....and to make it even worse I am planning to head to a sad movie [I am sad today and need a "reason" to cry] and eat an entire bucket of full on buttered popcorn.

However I am PLANNING on this being it. I am going to wake up transformed, the old Jolene back in place of this one and will be back on program, eating on the straight and narrow.

Churchill once said "When You Are Going Through Hell....Keep Going!" I PLAN TO KEEP GOING!


  1. i'm so sorry you feel so stuck! i wish i could help from all the way over here! but for now I'll send you great big virtual *hugs*. move on from the picnic and the popcorn, you *can* do this. remove the food's power from over you! you ARE a strong wonderful awesome chick.

  2. a) your blog title made me love you immediately
    b)what is NGAMO?
    c) it's been a month...i want to know how you are doing...i hope it is better than i am :)