Friday, January 1, 2010

Clean Slate....or is it Clean Plate?

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I love New Years Day......It is a clean slate, a fresh new beginning, the world is alive with possibilities. What will I do this year, who will I become, Who will I love, Who will I meet, What will I discover~It is all out there awaiting me, like a giant present from the universe that I have yet to unwrap all beautifully wrapped with a giant bow.

Okay yes, this is already the third post from me today......can you tell that I am trying not to eat?

Honestly though....what do you want to accomplish in 2010?

While realistically I will not be curing cancer anytime soon I do have some big plans for 2010:

I want to get to my goal weight (duh! That is what this whole blog is for, my life as a weight watcher)
I want to complete a marathon....not just any marathon, to be specific the Seattle Rock n' Roll Marathon on June 26th, 26.2 miles......this is also my youngest childs 18th birthday so it is the end of an era in my life, it will be the symbolic "full circle"
I want to finally figure out who and what I want to be.....time to grow up! I have dusted off my GRE testing guides and graduate school may be in my future~but only time will tell
I want to let go of some hurts/slights/traumas of my past, some perceived and some real scars but I want to open up my heart to the delightful world that is out there and not be too busy building walls that I cannot let it in
I want to make a difference in the world......maybe for just one person, but now that I have done the hardest job in the world (raise three children) I need to find something that fulfills me

I think this is a start........looks like I have some work to do huh? Baby steps!

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