Tuesday, January 5, 2010


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Word of the day.......EXULTANT
Hubs Bisopy results finally back~it's not cancer, just an abcess [although "just" is probably not the appropriate word here as this little medical malady set us back thousands but to worry about that another day] OH HAPPY DAY!

Thinking happy thoughts today........besides "It's Not Cancer" here are some other happy words to get----Will you marry me, It's a Boy(or) Girl, You got the job, You are cured, I now pronounce you Mrs._____, Congratulations you won the lottery, Bon Voyage, and You lost weight this week!

My random list of happy things:
Chocolate.Sunshine.Umbrella Drinks.Sunsets.Happy Mail.Flowers.The music of Queen.Otters.Rainbows.Zonies.Amish Luaus.Zumba.Biggest Loser.Babies Who BelongtoOthers.Daughters.StarryNights.Sons.Mydogs.AGoodBook.PJDays.Naps.Waterfalls.

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  1. Great news! I am so glad that it is not cancer, and I am sure that you are more than relieved. Hope he heals up quickly.