Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

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Yes, It is me......I know I have not been here since this summer---my reality is that I really haven't been ready to break up with my best friend food. I like her, she likes me and I"know" her if you kwim! Alas, the good times MUST come to an end. Yes, chocolate and cookies and krispy kremes (oh my!) your time has come and it is a new year (finally!) and a new decade and I have a new attitude~

This new attitude has been forged under great duress and I feel like I have walked through a valley of fire to get where I am today but like carbon that becomes a sparkling diamond under great pressure and intense heat [otherwise known as that which doesn't kill me only makes me stronger] I WILL get back to the sassy, snarky me that I used to know

That having been said, no more looking back! I am on the Project 100 train [lose 100 pounds by 1/1/11] and the engine has left the station. I have one day back fully op and I can do this. I can I really can [think, repeat, say aloud, scream from the mountain tops if necessary]

So like Steve Martin in It's Complicated says..............BRING.IT.ON!

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