Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Words (of Wisdom) AKA Motivational Wall

Let me start by saying I *heart* words....I think they are HOT and very much a turn on in my world. I mean really---juxtaposition, uber, can you not love these? I am SO not a creative person and while I like photos and colors and sights the written word has always been where my passion lies, so it goes without saying when I read the Monday Project this week that my Motivation Wall would be filled with words!

Odd though how one of my favorite things (words) have such a seedy dark side as well....maybe a bit like me! I was thinking [while in front of the mirror where I always say bad words to my reflection] about the power of words to hurt---- big words like FAT, UGLY, STUPID, MORON, RACISM, DEATH, DIVORCE, get my drift. I would like to take the sting out of these more and take away their power....I guess I would settle for saying less bad words to myself!

For my motivation wall I used words and quotes found from the magazines collecting dust in my powder room and am building an elaborate mural on my bedroom wall centered around a large calligrapy quote of LOVE CONQUERS lieu of pictures (I am technoillerate---plus I cannot find a USB cord for my camera) I thought I would share my words with you:

Stays on Track.New Body.Rule the Gym.Ignite your Relationship with Running.New World.For Once Celebrate a Losing Season.This time It's Personal.Discover.BRING IT ON.Blogworthy.Passion you can taste.Champion.Get Off the Roller Coaster.Be Flexible.Happy Feet.Reinventing Awareness.sound mind sound body.STRONG.high five.happy.the more you move the more it works.Are you ready?.wish you were here.create your beautiful.nice legs.set off year.WILD RIDE.nice booty.lose weight.unstoppable.I am beautiful on the inside.From fat to FIT.Biggest Loser.Feel Fabulous.Ready to Rock.Rock your own Anthem. ROCK AND ROLL.
"We all grow into the beautiful person that we're supposed to be"

I will be gone until Sunday the meantime, leave me some words!


  1. OMG I love this SO MUCH! We do this sort of collage in group 3 times throughout the course. One is "Beginning Self - Where am I at right now?" Second one is "My Best Self - positive visualization" and the third is "Future Self - write your future story." No Oprah magazine gets by unscathed! I too, love words. So here are a few from me to you. "Fearless" "Yes" "Now"
    "Enjoy the Journey"
    :-) Betsy