Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Update

Live from New York.....It's Saturday Night (Okay so it's live from Seattle and its really Sunday----a girl can dream right!) Here is your week in review from the Weekend Update Desk (yes I am a SNL fan....even won the ticket "lottery" when I lived in NYC and got to go to a taping)
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Monday....The Monday Project this week is to come up with 5 reasons why we "totally rock" Sadly I cannot think of even 1 reason why I totally rock, but I did try to think of some things that I am good at:

1. I am a good researcher---I love to know WHY---and thus love to look stuff up...I totally don't believe that curousity killed the cat!
2. I am a good instructor---while I do NOT have the patience of a saint, I do have a life long love of learning and carry my enthusiam across to others. This is why I am a good step/zumba instructor and would totally rock as a weight watchers leader if I could ever get to goal.
3. I am a good listener/sounding board/problem solver
4. I can see the "forrest through the trees" Give me a big picture scenario and I can immediately see the smallest details that need to get done....I am a great party planner (and in another lifetime I am sure I was a wedding coordinator)
5. I believe in karma, which is why I believe I am a good woman who tries hard, wants to save the world, and looks out for the underdog (although lately my superhero cape needs a change!)
This was HARD....we are so much our own worst critics! I could have totally come up with triple the list of what I suck at!

Tuesday: True Confessions Tuesday...see previous post for my sins this week!

Wednesday: Weigh In spite of crashing and burning last weekend, I did get back in the game right away and managed to lose all that I gained plus 2 count em 2 lovely pounds! WHOO~HOO!

Thursday: The Thursday Three...This weeks 3 is three things that motivate us during workouts----My 3 are:
1. Group classes....I like to know others are suffering with me!
2. The thought of my goals, and tangible things like picturing me in a bathing suit
3. Rewards! I like to reward myself for exercise goals so that I keep it up---the bottom line for me is that I need to move it to lose it!

One word: WORK, WORK, and more WORK! In my day job we are in our busy season and it has been non-stop action, and in my side job tax season is heating up so I am feeling the burn.....but the paychecks will be nice! My dh had 4 interviews this week so I am hopeful that something will pan out and my side paychecks can go towards something fun instead of bills...I am dreaming of a lovely cruise down the Mexican Riveria complete with umbrella drink in hand!

Thats all I got this week....peace out peeps!

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