Monday, January 11, 2010


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This is how I feel...too tired to think, too tired to eat (this for me is really tired!) and too tired to feel! I am beyond exhausted from working two jobs but I think I am really more mentally tired, tired of worrying what will happen next and what is around the next corner in both this journey and in my life. I hate to admit it but I am a control freak at heart and I do not like not knowing what is coming next. I like neat orderly control...but alas life is not control-able. I am trying to focus more on one day at a time....sometime I can just get through one bite at a time and hang on from there.

I received an email today and it was if the author had read my mind! She said "I've had a lot going on in my head the past few days (a.k.a. noodling), and have been feeling very overwhelmed. I need to stop looking at the big picture, and just take this journey one small chunk at a time." She challenged us to look at what one step we could take in the next 30 days to keep going on this journey.....I SO needed that today!

I am still thinking about my 30 day challenge---I need it to be doable in my life the next 30 days (and realistically I have a 4 day trip to Dallas this week and am working two jobs) so that I won't be discouraged if I fail (so exercise may not be a good challenge as time is at a premium) but I also want it to be challenging (like a water goal wouldn't be challenging as I am the water queen and drink buckets daily!)

Ideas Anyone???


  1. Jolene I love your posts, they remind me of things I think sometimes....

    I think 30 day things can be nice to structure yourself. I hear that you must do something for 3 weeks for it to become a habit. Just don't make it something that makes you miserable/too hungry/a raging monster bitch( wait, i'm talking about myself now....)

    I'm looking forward to reading about I'll hold you to it when you decide!

  2. Just make it happen, that is if you want to. My husband says I always make time for the things I want to do. And if you don't want to right now, that's good too. You're 401

    I found you IN THE HOOD's 30 day challenge. I am also in my 40s, and started reason to chronicle this great decade of my life.

    I'm now following you.