Saturday, January 2, 2010

Signs....(of the Apocalypse?)

I have to be honest.......this is the first New Year's that I didn't feel that "rush" of adreneline that accompanied most of my New Years to start my "diet" HOWEVER there were plenty of signs that led up to me getting back on track:

  • Without asking, I received both a "cute" workout outfit [I have NEVER owned a cute workout outfit---secretly wanted one but was afraid I might turn into one of those uber-perky bleached blonde gung-ho skinny minnie gymrats, pardon the stereotype!] AND a basket of 1 pt treats for Xmas
  • My SIL arrived at our house for Xmas having lost over 250 pounds and looked stunning at was really like a Biggest Loser just walked in the door. My dh(it is his sister) actually drove past her at the airport as he did not recognize her. It is a major kick in the as$ when the person whom started doing weight watchers because of you(me) and whom at the time was way too large to wear any of your hand-me-downs shows up bringing you a massive amount of XL clothes that she has outgrown. While my wardrobe appreciated the boost, it was a sting that has got me fired up!
  • I ran into my doctor at Panera (much better place than sitting in those stupid paper gowns) where I *was* ordering bagels and cream cheese along with muffins and pastries and she goes "Wow Jolene I haven't seen you since you did the 1/2 marathon how did it go?" with the silent eyes giving me the once over and it was not how I wanted to look the next time I saw her
  • My good friend, who has been around this weight loss thing for a while but has been taking a scenic route, finally 'got her head in the game' and lost 15.5 pounds during the month of December. I was offering (mostly unwanted) advice and support along the way but felt I couldn't really talk the talk if I wasn't walking the walk
  • Last but certainly not least, my dh has been very ill in december and has had to have a plethora of poking and prodding and massive tests and seeing his high blood pressure and other tests come back reminded me of how extremely proud I was of my blood work this summer and I want that feeling for all time. I NEVER want to worry about..............fitting into restaurant booths, if the chair will hold me, if I am impacting my health, if I will be the one to make the elevator or ride exceed the weight limit. I WANT to be a role model, a fit and healthy 40 something woman who runs circles around my life!

However probably the biggest sign is that today when my alarm went off (wayyyy to early for a Saturday) I got up with out complaint put on aforementioned cute work out outfit (no, it didn't change me!) and went to a 2 hour class at the gym during which there were moments that I thought I would die but lived to tell the tale!

I do want to share that my friend (same one from above----I really have NO friends which is why I am so afraid of facebook I would be the only one there with no one to friend me) has inspired me this year to think of Random Acts of Hope. I have been feeling very hopeless lately [which is that whole 6 months of not blogging...I have been very negative and feeling like I am just waiting to be put out to pasture] I think as a direct result of my dh being out of work for 4 months now and on a bigger level the ending of raising children and a new era in my life. So as a direct result of more Bets in my life and reading the book 30 gifts in 30 days (or something like that) I have decided to try and implement RAH into my life~Today I brought an extra bottle of water to the gym to give to a newbie (knowing since it is January that the gym would be full of them!) and talked to some people before class. It wasn't life-changing or earth shattering but I did get a smile and make someones day.

My word for the day---Hopeful!


  1. WTG on getting to the gym this morning! =)

  2. aww - what nice things to say! Made my day!