Saturday, July 17, 2010

Full Circle

It occurred to me today while standing on the scale [yes, I am one of those daily weigh-ers!] that I am almost exactly at the same weight that I was last year at this time (which is fairly defined in my brain because of the luau)....normally this thought would totally depress me and start a chain reaction of eating/feeling gulity/feeling bad about my lack of consistency/eating some more
This time around I feel as though I have come full circle and I am no longer going to beat myself up about the past or worry about the future but instead I am going to live in the present moment.

I realized that I am NOT the same woman that I was a year ago (which is both good and bad)

In the past year I:
~realized that I had the courage inside me to say "this isn't working for me"
~Let myself be free enough to allow some others in
~Took big risks which brought big rewards
~Allowed myself to realize that I am not totally defined by the word "mom" and while I am still hard at work on this realization, I am making forward progress
~Gave myself some time off for good behavior

Now that I have come full circle it is time to start heading down the scale and following my dreams! My book may still be yet unwritten but I am kinda liking this summer's chapter..............

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