Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacation Day 1

Coach, and Burberry, and Georgio Armani OH MY! How I love thee Chicago and your Magnificent Mile!

Vacation day 1 did not start out the way vacations are supposed to....got bad news from work, and then ended up needing to do a work lunch. However I did get a chance to trapse down the Mag Mile and found time to fall in love with a new purse---until I saw the price tag $2450! Yikes...I have always had champange tastes on a beer budget

Ended up at Ralph Lauren Grill and was happily introduced to Bellini's by 2 handsome attorneys from Pittsburgh(and here I thought Pittsburgh was uncultured!) then my work lunch arrived and she was more than down with drinking our way through the afternoon---so Bellinis all day long! Got a chance to mourn the news I was given today and be able to relax and let go and enjoy the next part of my trip

I gave myself the day off from eating OP....which is a good thing since I am sure there are crazy mad points in the Bellini, let alone what I had for dessert...but overall I am happy I made it out of Chicago with nary a deep dish pizza slice nor Garretts Carmel Corn bag in sight. I am back on program, refreshed and refocused and ready to move on to the fun part of said trip!

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