Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A G.O.A.L.(?)

Yesterday, when I logged on Facebook, one of my weight loss peeps (Theresa) had one single word to say...."GOAL" What concerns/perplexes me is that it took me far, far too long to figure out what she meant [and I knew how close she was and have been logging on for the past few Tuesdays knowing it is her weight loss day] Now that I have it figured out, I am so thrilled for her....but can't help but think/focus/obsess on the word and the action

I am worried that I have lost touch with the whole weight loss journey~and yet on the otherhand I am potentially elated that food no longer seems to have the hold over me that it once did. I have been around this weight loss "thing" for the past decade.....moving two steps forward and one step back in a constant intimate dance of joy and anguish.....and what has been looping around in the noggin today over and over is will I ever get to goal, what does goal look like, and most importantly why haven't I ever gotten there??

I have been a part of the zone, particularly the 100+ board, as either lurker or participant since its inception and I have been overly blessed to know most all of the people who have gotten to goal in "real life" and while I adore them all....I wonder what is the difference between them and I? None of them seem to posess any special powers, none of them seem to have wanted it more, and I am going to go out on a limb and say that I don't think any of them have figured out the secret to the universe. So what is it????

What I do know from observing them in their natural habitat, and logging many a mile on a Sunday with this---they know that this is for a lifetime, they know how to ask for help, and they know that it takes getting up at least once more than times you fall. is my goal----I want to stop thinking about this and in the words of my shoes JUST DO IT---I want to break out of this pattern of losing and gaining and losing and gaining some more and I want to head confidently in the direction of my goal weight, knowing that it will be scary and hard and will take patience and courage and a warrior spirit.

Theresa~Thank you for inspiring me with your persistence and your grace.....and I hope beyond hope that you will be welcoming me to the club someday!

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  1. I can totally relate and find myself in the exact same position.