Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So, for the past 20 weeks I have been embarking on a little something called the 20 in 20 (catchy title eh?) with some of my weight loss peeps and we are very close to wrapping it up. As a part of that, I sent them all a final thought email today to remind them how much they have inspired me, comforted me, cajoled me, and ultimately brought me “home.” Shortly thereafter, I received a response from one of them that implied that they didn't feel like they had done much to inspire me. Because I am a firm believer in that you never know when or how you will inspire someone……I feel the need to tell them/illustrate this some more!

My 20 in 20 peeps....I hope you know beyond a shadow of a doubt how VERY much you have inspired me and touched me with your lives, each and every one of you----and in case you ever need to know, just ask.....I have a long laundry list for each of you which I thought about sharing here but in the end decided was just too personal for my blog!

And as far as inspiring those around you when you don't even know it----Case in point for me….twice this week I have had someone tell me that I was inspiring. The first time was in a text, I was told that I was very caring and I inspired others around me to be more so….. I would never have used the word caring to describe me as I am the original evil snarky bitch….but nice to know that others think so! Then yesterday I was stopped in the hallway at work after changing into my exercise clothes (yes I change at work or else I would NEVER go to class) and a co-worker told me that I was a total inspiration to her and that my dedication to weight loss and exercise had created a huge shift in her way of thinking (wow!)

I do have one final INSPIRATION shout my friend Donna. I am so INCREDIBLY inspired by your determination to get your MBA and know how much hard work you have put in---even when the rest of your life may have been in turmoil. Your commitment to your family, your job, your faith, and your exercise while putting in the hours to turn out your Masters Thesis has inspired me beyond words! The end is so near that you can taste it! CONGRATS!

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  1. Great post Jolene! We never know how our actions/words inspire someone else. Just know that you ARE an inspiration, not only to your 20 in 20 ladies, but to everyone who reads your blog!