Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday in Seattle

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step…..some days the journey between me and my mother feels like a thousand mile gap. However, yesterday I took a small step.

Picked her up on the Eastside (don’t even get me started on how much I dislike driving to the Eastside, 405 SUCKS!) then drove to downtown Seattle and had the quintessential Seattle day, complete with the normal marine layer providing clouds and cool air until about 3:00pm when the sun finally made an appearance.

We went to Pike Place Market and watched fish being tossed, flowers being made into beautiful bouquets, sampled many a fruit and veggie and enjoyed the many artists and handicrafts. I was bummed that none of the farm stands had any plulots (my favorite fruit) but found a new favorite thanks to the eager Josh (who let me touch, smell, taste and thump all his fruit!) called a plumegranate….mmm, mmmm good!

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Then we wandered over to see the great Seattle Gum Wall (I do have a reputation for taking visitors to unusual places) which is both cool and gross and since I have previously shared my pack a day habit (of gum) I had to add to the collection

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Next up was the waterfront in all its many splendors and we wandered and shopped and worked up an appetite for some amazing Thai---who knew tofu could rock that much??

Left Seattle and went to stop in where my Father is interred and then I had to introduce her to Menchies (my go-to place for comfort food!) and they even had the mysterious much talked about Red Velvet Cake flavor….it was lick the cup good (but I was in public)

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We managed to avoid MOST of the potential landmines… weight, my hair, my life….but I still came away licking a few wounds---until I turned on my phone and had many missed messages of friends checking in on me to make sure I had survived the day (thanks you guys!) and it reminded me that you can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends---and I have the cream of the crop!


  1. Those little steps are often the hardest. I hope that the gap keeps getting smaller in the future and that you get to the point where there is never any fear of what may be said or worry that there will be wounds to be licked.

  2. Red Velvet Cake froyo is one of the greatest inventions ever. Just sayin'.